Balls for WEEE in 2019!

Balls for WEEE in 2019!

From 2014 more than 420 schools and educational institution has been collecting WEEE with SEWA. All schools and institution that give us WEEE are rewarded by various sport equipment.

WHO can join?
• kindergarten
• elementary and high schools
• universities
• elementary art schools
• language schools
• school dormitory
• orphanage
• leisure centres for kids
• other institition that work with children


WHAT we collect?
Old electric equipment and used batteries (not automotive).


WHEN you can give us WEEE and used batteries?
During the whole year 2019.


WHY to collect with us?
• we issue to you a confirmation for accounting needs
• free removal of WEEE and used batteries straight from your premises
• you get sports equipment for your school according to the collected WEEE amount
• in addition we pack for you series of audio recordings “Don´t throw everything into one bag!” (Nehádžte všetko do jedného vreca!”) for your school radio
• you received Green Certificate (Zelený certifikát) confirming active approach of school/institution to environmental protection
• 1 more football, if your school together with WEEE, hand in 100 kg used batteries (not automotive)


Collect WEEE and get sports gears.


I am interesting in WEEE and/or used batteries disposal.


The campaign from 2018 in numbers:
94 schools and educational institution collected WEEE
• we took almost 54 tons of WEEE
• from that amount was almost 13 tons from schools in Bratislava
• we gave out 12 pcs of volleyball nets, 104 pcs of skipping ropes, 122 pcs sport balls, 254 pcs of frisbees