New EEE categorisation

New EEE categorisation

The impetus behind SEWA NEWSLETTER is to explain some necessary legislative changes.

These are changes in Act No 79/2015, on waste, and the related implementing regulations. (Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment.)

These being 2 significant changes in practice:

  • A change in the definition of the scope of the electrical and electronic equipment that falls under the Waste Act – “open scope” – from 15/8/2018.
  • A change in electrical and electronic equipment categorisation (new EEE categorisation) – from 1/1/2019.

The ambition of this material is to be simple and comprehensible for the target group, which is not professionally involved in waste management. We have based it on valid legislation and known legislative plans in the SR. We also based it on materials explaining the European directive and, last but not least, our long-term experience.

Learn more about the new EEE categorisation here: SEWA NEWSLETTER