Eco-educational programmes connected with the collection of WEEE and waste batteries for schools, kindergartens and educational institutions.

WEEE for balls!

How does it work?

výrobca elektrozariadení

Complete the on-line registration form.

Wait for the confirmation that your request for removal has been recorded.

You will receive e-mail informing you of the date of removal.

And what next?

We will remove the collected EEE and batteries

within 7 working days if you have greater quantities
within 10 working days if you have smaller quantities

  • load your WEEE on the provided vehicle on the date of removal
PWe will send you a confirmation and your well-deserved reward

in the month after the removal

  • confirmation of environmentally sound disposal of WEEE
  • confirmation of the fulfilment of statutory conditions for WEEE collection and recycling
  • for accounting purposes

And that is all?

Yes, indeed. It is very easy with our help!


Why choose us?

Free removal and recycling

IT technology, old electrical appliances, waste batteries.

Directly from your premises

All over Slovakia within 7 working days after notification.

Reward according to the quantity

Sports aids for indoor and outdoor school activities.

With confirmation

Of environmentally sound disposal of WEEE, also for accounting purposes.

Green Certificate

Confirming the active role of your school in protecting the environment.

Other activities for schools

In cooperation with our partners Daphne, Živica and Naturpack, we take an active role in educating children and youth through interesting eco-educational projects.

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What do you need to know?

Order removal

If you have any questions  - contact us.