WEEE Impact 4

WEEE Impact 4

The fourth year of the eco-educational project ElektroOdpad-Dopad started in September 2020 in cooperation with the non-profit organization Živica. The school year 2020/2021 there are 21 elementary and high schools involved in the project.

The aim of the project is to guide children and youth to adopt responsible behavior in terms of consumption and nature and to spread awareness through peer-based learning, in the area of EEE production, use and recycling, as well as to look for new solutions to restrict negative environmental impacts caused by people.

The Manual of Methods on “ELECTRO – PRODUCTION, WASTE, IMPACT” which is intended for teachers of kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, and universities, and is focused on electrical appliances and their environmental impacts.

Project in the numbers (2017 – 2020):

  • 58 participating schools
  • 34 tons of collected WEEE

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