Amendment of Act on Waste

Amendment of Act on Waste

Do not miss information about two important changes ensuing from the amendment of Act No. 90/2017 Coll. amending and supplementing Act on Waste No. 79/2015 Coll.


Information for producers: Cancellation of quarterly reports sending

The amendment of the Act includes cancellation of Section 125(6) according to which a producer was obliged to keep and retain records on the volume of its production, import, export and re-export, and to report the determined data from the records to the Recycling Fund and the competent state administration authority on a quarterly basis.


What does it mean for you as a producer?

Nothing changes for you as a member of the producer responsibility organisation SEWA. Producers will still have the obligation according to Section 27(4)(h), namely to keep and retain records and to annually report data from these records to the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. The producer responsibility organisation SEWA, a.s. will continue to fulfil the obligation on your behalf based on summarised quarterly reports provided by you.


Information for retailers: Providing of plastic bags

Since 1 January 2018, a producer of packaging (seller of EEE) that provides light plastic bags to consumers buying goods shall be obliged to provide these bags for a fee. The Act does not stipulate the amount of the fee for the rovision of plastic bags. This obligation does not apply to the provision of very light plastic bags.


What is a plastic bag?

The Act defines plastic bag as a bag with or without handles which is made of plastic. The bag is provided to consumers in the point of sale of goods or products.


What types of plastic bags do we have?

The Act distinguishes two types of plastic bags:

  • Light plastic bag with a wall thickness of less than 50 micrometres;
  • Very light plastic bag with a wall thickness of less than 15 micrometres. This bag is required for hygiene reasons or is provided as a primary packaging for non-packed foodstuff to prevent wastage of foodstuff (HDPE bags for fruits and bread).


Does a producer of packaging have the obligation to provide also other types of bags for goods?

Yes. A producer of packaging who provides light plastic bags to consumers who buy goods or other products is also obliged to provide other types of bags.